New Move-a-thon Incentive: Reserved Front Row Seats at Showcase!

WBE AIA’s Move-a-thon pledge drive has just topped $5000; we’re not quite halfway there. That’s a great start, but our momentum has slowed. We need everyone to keep reaching out to friends and family and to keep bringing in pledges if we are going to achieve our schoolwide goal of $11,000 by October 5th!

As an extra incentive to keep those pledges flowing, we will be raffling off four sets of 4 RESERVED, FRONT ROW SEATS to the WBE AIA Fall Showcase in December! To be entered in this special raffle, your family must return at least one additional pledge of $10.00 or more from September 26th thru Oct 5th. Each additional pledge of $10.00 (or more) will earn another entry. Pledges may be cash/checks turned in at school, or credit card donations received online. We will draw for the winner of our RESERVED SEATING raffle on Wed, October 10th during morning broadcast. That’s the same day we give away our other great Grand prizes: 2 Garmin Fitness Trackers and the Urban Air Birthday Party for 10!

So get out there and post on social media, send another email, or call your friends and family again to remind them to support our Move-a-thon before the final pledge due date: Friday, October 5th! Remember, it’s for a great cause: our students!

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