There is something about the creative process that gives a child a feeling of self-worth. As an Arts Academy we encourage the students to express their unique voice is whatever form that may be. Reflections is a National PTA Arts Program where students can submit works in several categories; Visual Art, Literature, Photography, Music Composition, Film, Dance Choreography, and a Special Artist category for students who have special needs. Students can submit as many works as they want in as many categories as they want.

Each work of art turned in must have an Entry Form attached. Please fill out the Entry Form with your child and be sure to include a title of the artwork along with a few words that describes the piece. Look out for the Reflections flier that will go home in your child’s folder. For more information and to print Entry Forms go to: Forms and fliers are also available by the front office. Teachers should also have a few Entry Forms for students.

Students whose work makes it to the Council Level will receive special recognition. Encourage your child to start creating!

If you have questions about Reflections, please reach out to us on our contact page.