Box Tops for Education



You can earn cash for our school!

Please help us collect Box Tops for Education coupons. Each Box Top coupon is worth 10 cents and last year we raised almost $600!

Over 200 products carry the Box Tops labels. (For a complete list of items, please visit

Collecting Box Tops is easy! Here is how you do it:

The Box Tops for Education program is going digital!  Now box tops points can be redeemed by purchasing qualifying items, and then scanning your receipt with the Box Tops app.  The credit you earned is instantly applied to WBE-AIA’s earnings!  You can keep track of how much you have donated to the school, as well as how much the school has earned in total – in real time!  Don’t worry, if you shop online, your digital receipt can be sent through the app as well.  Also, if you still have paper box tops, we can earn money by sending them in the old way as long as they haven’t expired yet – just hand them in to the office, and they will be sent in to earn our school more money!

Monthly collection totals will be kept on the bulletin board across from the gym.

If you have questions about Box Tops for Education, please reach out to us on our contact page.