Great Rewards Await 2019 Move-a-thon participants!

Garmin Fitness Tracker Raffle Prize

One of the best things about our Move-a-thon is the great rewards we can offer our participating students at every level. We have prizes just for registering or donating ANY amount at the individual and classroom level.

For every $10 in pledge donations, students get another chance to win prizes in our weekly raffle:  4 scooters, 3 bikes, a Garmin Fitness Tracker, family fun packs at Altitude Trampoline Park – even a 1-year Ultimate Family Membership at Austin Aquarium! The more donations, and the sooner they are turned in, the better your child’s chances of winning!

New ‘Halfway There’ incentive: Students can now pick out a mini Emoji pin at lunchtime when they are halfway ($25) to their individual goal of $50 in pledges! Keep going for a plush Emoji clip-on at $50 and SUPERSTARs-only prizes and raffle at $150!

But we know prizes aren’t everything – so we also have great Spirit-based incentives like eating lunch on stage, recognition in the morning broadcast, getting your class motto posted on the school marquee, and a pancake breakfast with the Principal Gordon! The Pledge Packet – English, Pledge Packet – Spanish has a complete list of all raffle prizes and incentives.

If we reach our school-wide goal of $11,000 in donations, the teachers and administrators will have a DANCE-OFF in front of the whole school! We came within sight of our school goal last year with over $8100 in donations. Let’s knock it out of the park this year!

Register today! Our fundraising experts tell us that the sooner students register, the more donations they will ultimately receive. So don’t delay – visit WBE AIA Kids Move-a-thon|FundHub TODAY to GET REGISTERED, and SHARE your student’s page! It’s all for a great cause – our KIDS!

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