2017 Move-a-thon to aid Hurricane Harvey recovery

The mission of our PTA is to “..make every child’s potential a reality..”. Keeping that in mind, and in response to the disastrous impact of Hurricane Harvey on school children in Houston and other ISD’s in Texas, several of our members as well as our school partners indicated a desire to contribute to hurricane relief and recovery efforts.

I am delighted to share that on Tuesday, at our first PTA meeting, our PTA Membership approved the board’s proposed 2017-18 budget. That budget included a new line item in anticipation of a donation of 10% of our Move-a-thon net proceeds to direct relief and recovery for ISD’s impacted by Harvey. While our primary focus is always the children and families of Wells Branch AIA, we are very proud to be in a position to offer help to our greater community of students and families in Texas.

Thank you Wells Branch PTA board and members for your generosity and caring!

~Jeaneane McNulty, Move-a-thon Chair

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