Move-a-thon Wrap-up – We like to Move it, Move it!

Thank you to everyone who supported our fundraiser this year! If you forgot to get your donation in, don’t worry: you can still drop off a check or cash donation at the school.  Please note that donations received after the Oct 2nd due date no longer count toward incentives.

Show me the money! The Move-a-thon brought in $13,330 in pledge donations. Of that, $11,085 was contributed online, and $2245 was brought in to the school in cash/checks. After expenses and vendor fees, we netted a little over $10,000!  This is comparable to profits made from past catalog sales, and is enough to sustain our planned budget for the current school year. WAY TO GO WELLS BRANCH!!

More stats – STAT! Participation was also comparable to past fundraisers.  Of our 950 students, 204 registered. Of those, 179 participated with a pledge of any amount. 112 students reached their individual goal of $50 or more, and we had 30 “Pledge Super Stars” who brought in $150.00 or more in pledges. Our Top pledging student brought in $410 – WOW!

Money isn’t everything. Fundraising numbers aside, the Move-a-thon itself gave EVERY child at Wells Branch, regardless of their ability to raise funds, a fun, healthy and team spirit-filled experience. The school was buzzing with excitement on Move-a-thon day, and feedback from kids, parents and teachers was overwhelmingly positive. And don’t forget, we also supported local businesses, kept massive amounts of product packaging out of circulation, and reduced our carbon footprint!

So what about next year? Though we didn’t reach our $20,000 school-wide goal (goals are meant to be a challenge!), we did prove that this style of fundraiser can sustain our budgetary needs. We also anticipate lower expenses and increased participation in subsequent years. SO….keep an eye out NEXT YEAR for our 2nd Annual WBE Kids Move-a-thon!


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