We’re off and running! Move-a-thon Update!

Thank you to everyone who has registered and/or gathered pledges for the Move-a-thon so far!
We have raised nearly $3000 as of today – that’s a good start. But we still have a long way to go to reach our $20,000 goal by Oct 2nd.  As of today only 73 of our 950 students have registered and not all have returned a pledge.  Here are 3 very simple things you can do TODAY to help:

1. GET REGISTERED!  It is so easy and it takes 2 minutes!  Just for registering, your child will earn those sweet Silver Streak shoelaces! TIP: If they don’t ‘work’ in your child’s shoes (velcro/slip-ons), kids can wear them on their backpack, lunchbox, as bracelets or in their hair! 

 2. Already registered? SPREAD the WORD!
  • LIKE and SHARE posts you see about the fundraiser on our PTA facebook page and/or PTA website. And invite others to do the same!
  • TALK about the Move-a-thon with your family and friends, WBE teachers, and other WBE families.  Tell them what’s different and why you are supporting it. Here’s what one parent told me:
As a family we have never really participated before. We’d donate, but could not bring ourselves to participate in selling “stuff.” We are thrilled to be able to wholeheartedly support the fundraiser this year. We feel great about asking our friends and family to support the school without trying to get them to buy stuff they don’t really want.
Hooray for the money going straight to the school so that even small donations count!
Hooray for a focus on fitness instead of consumerism!
  • Create and share your student’s donation page via email and/or social media. Students who share their donation page average 70% more in pledges than those who don’t! We’re not asking people to buy anything, and we are doing something healthy and “green” – you can feel good sharing our fundraiser with anyone!
  • Don’t forget to ask about matching donations from your employer.
  • Send a reminder to people you’ve asked for donations who haven’t responded; often people intend to donate, but you know how life gets away from us!
 To keep track of our progress, you can visit the School Event Page at anytime from your child’s donation page. It’s fun to see the donations coming in! And did you know each classroom has it’s own pledge goal? Every classroom that reaches this goal gets an extra recess AND the teacher gets to keep 10% of the goal amount for enrichment in their classroom!
Look in next week’s Thursday folder for more specifics on the Move-a-thon event.  I hope to see many of you there!  If you are able to volunteer during the event, or help with setup/cleanup, I could really use your help!  View volunteer opportunities here!
Thank you for all you do! Jeaneanemoveathonlogo1
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