Give 3 for WBE Campaign

give 3 for wbe v4

“Can you imagine what we could do if every family volunteered – even just 3 hours during the year?”

This question to a certain battle-weary volunteer coordinator late last Spring has evolved into this year’s new Volunteer Recruitment campaign: Give 3 for WBE!

Our goal is to get the word out and get more families volunteering than ever before.  You can help us by spreading the link to sign up and volunteer:

The campaign includes:

  • Flyers and signs to generate awareness of the campaign and excitement about volunteering at the school (See our cool new logo – attached!)
  • Recognition: Students of volunteers who “Give 3” will be given a Give 3 button to wear on their backpack (also spreading the word!)
  • PRIZES! A monthly drawing will be held from among all volunteers that month. Winners will receive free Spring Fest tickets!

Volunteer Hotline now available!

Because getting online is not possible for everyone we serve, we have worked with the district to create a Volunteer Hotline to enable those without computer/internet to volunteer. Our volunteers will check this mailbox and return messages that are left.

  • Volunteer Hotline: (512) 428-3414
  • Voicemail only, Response time of 2 school days

We hope you’ll help us get the word out and volunteer at Wells Branch Elementary!

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