Back to School Update

This school year is almost upon us, and we’re excited to kick off another great year of PTA! In order to get things off on the right foot, there are a few things we need from you:

Renew Your Membership

Each year, to remain a member in good standing you must pay dues. We’ve made it super convenient to complete your membership online:

In order to vote in PTA business, you MUST be a member. Even if your spouse signed up, you still need to become a member to participate.

Questions? Email Liz Pendall

Become a Volunteer

The various programs at WBE require several new volunteers, and we are running a new campaign this year called “Give 3 for WBE”. We’d like for every family to volunteer at least 3 hours of time this year to the school, and we have a new volunteer coordination system to do it:

Questions? Email Jeaneane McNulty

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